Our Story

Our philosophy at Wellftted is to bring affordability and wearability, all at the convenience of our clientele. We hope to provide a unique tailored experience for our customers, from garments to offering bookings tailored around a customer’s busy schedule.

Our Service

CUSTOM TAILORING You can choose all details you want, from buttons to pockets and lapels, we can do everything.

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

Wellftted proudly brings you the ultimate experience in confidence, comfort, and peace of mind, right to your doorstep. If you are not satisfied with the fit of your garment, we will adjust and replace it for free.

Our Fabrics

We offer a wide variety of high-quality fabrics for our custom-tailored garments. Everything is carefully selected to offer you fantastic options at competitive prices. We offer many different categories, from luxury business fabrics to comfortable casual varieties.

Book Appointment

First step in our Wellftted experience is booking an appointment. Customers have the opportunity to book an appointment either through our website, or a call to one of our master tailors. Appointments can range anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Office visits are available, as well as a visit to our virtual office in Central.

Our virtual office is at Room 1104 Crawford House 70 Queen’s Road, Central. (Opens from 9:00 -19:00, by appointment only)

Get Measured

First step in an appointment is measuring. All measurements are stored under the customer’s profile for future orders.


Second and most exciting part of the appointment is styling. Customers have the opportunity to select their own garment to their preference. This is where they can pick from hundreds of different fabrics and styling options with the help of a Wellftted stylist.

Turn Around Time

Orders are delivered within 2 weeks.

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